Welcome to our page for press and radio coverage! Below you will find a list featuring some of the radio stations and ezines/sites that covered the band! Thank you to all of those who have supported Stormrider since the start!

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Heavy Metal Pages

"Great sounding guitars captivate with riffs, musical themes and solos. The rhythm section is firmly set, nimble, and full of invention. Everything is well-balanced and entrances with powerful and clear tone"

Powerplay Magazine

“Heavy Metal Machine” 7/10


The UG Media (UK)

Metal Devastation Radio (US)

HRH Radio (UK)

MetalZone (GR)


Gig Radar (UK)

Powerplay Magazine - Issue 213 (UK)

Wildspiritz Rising Ezine- October 2018 (UK)

Planet Mosh (UK)

Metal Heads Forever Magazine (UK)

Power of Metal (DK)

Heavy Metal Pages (PL)

Moshville Times Feature 2017 (UK)

The Otherside Reviews Interview 2018 (UK)

Heavy Metal Fire 2018(ES)


Chacoprimero (ES)

The Mayfair Mall Xine (UK)

Diosesdel Metal (ES)

Todo Heavy Metal (ES)

Metal Underground (US)


Hellspawn (BE)



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